2019 Activities

December Meeting

Joanne Rodney and her mother  Joanne Kimsey,

December 14, 2019 – Chapter Christmas celebration. The members celebrated with a silent auction and phenomenal food. A new tradition of bringing family heirlooms and sharing family stories.

Tea at the Old Statehouse

Junelle Mongno

November 16, 2019 – State Regent Junelle Mongno, Chapter Regent Lyn Hicks, Chapter Registrar Jayne Spears, Honorary Chapter Regent Mary Ford, and Jessie Johnson attended a tea at the Old State House in Little Rock, Arkansas, held to honor the organizing of Little Rock Chapter, NSDAR and LR Centennial Chapter, NSDAR. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

November Meeting

Memorial Service for chapter member Melissa Huntley

November 9, 2019 – Memorial Service for chapter member Melissa Huntley and Fred Campbell spoke about his Vietnam War experience. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

Veterans Day Bell Ringing

Veterans Day in front of Military Museum

November 11, 2019 – at 11a.m. on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the members of Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR, rang the bell at the Military Museum in Jacksonville, Arkansas, to represent the end of World War I. Fighting ceased in the “war to end all wars” on the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918.

Arkansas Genealogical Society Fall Seminar

DAR table at the Arkansas Genealogical Society Fall Seminar

October 18, 2019 – Chapter member Jayne Spears had a table at the Arkansas Genealogical Society Fall Seminar at the Benton Event Center. There were attendees interested in DAR and SAR. Friday night’s speaker was Brian K Mitchell Ph.D., a history professor at UALR. He spoke on the Elaine Massacre of 1919 and the subsequent migration of blacks from Arkansas. The Saturday speaker was Judy Russell, JD, CG, CGL. A retired attorney from New Jersey, she spoke on using various legal documents in genealogy.

Flag Retirement

October 11, 2019 – The Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR held a flag retirement on October 5 at the home of Bennie and Lyn Hicks. The ceremony was conducted by Boy Scout Troop 201 from Cabot, Arkansas, and was followed by a wiener roast provided by our chapter. DAR members present were Lyn Hicks, Chapter Regent Sharon Bode, Mary Ford, Tammy Roberts, and Jessie Johnson. The Scouts did an amazing job!

Quapaw District Meeting

Chapter members at the Quapaw District meeting

September 23, 2019 – Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR members at the Quapaw District meeting. Left to Right: Honorary Chapter Regent Sharon Bode, Chapter Vice Regent Peggy Whitledge, Chapter Regent Lyn Hicks, State Regent Junelle Mongno, Chapter Historian Jayne Spears, Honorary Chapter Regent Mary Ford, Chapter Treasurer Monett Harrington, and Jessie Johnson. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

Math and Literacy Fair

DAR chapter members at table handing out bookmarks.

September 20, 2019 – Promoting math and literacy for grades two-four at Beebe Elementary School in Beebe, Arkansas. Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR daughters handed out pledge bookmarks and held a contest for the students. They were to guess how many red, white, and blue M&Ms were in a jar for a chance to win two books on the U.S. Constitution. Great way to honor Constitution Week! (Photo Credit to Jayne Spears.)

Chapter Regent Lyn Hicks

September 14, 2019 – September meeting with a new member. (Photo Credit to Jayne Spears.)

60th Year Anniversary Certificate

Joanne Thomison Kimsey

Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR member, Joanne Thomison Kimsey

60th Year Anniversary Certificate

Joanne Kimsey joined DAR as a Junior member on June 3, 1959. She joined the Chief John Ross Chapter, NSDAR in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She worked hard and served in many different offices. When her family moved to Arkansas, she transferred her membership. She has served as regent as well as several other positions within the Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR.
Her patriots include:
Daniel Alderman, Jr., NC, CPL
James Darwin, SC, SOL
George Gillespie, NC, PS
James Roddye, NC, CAPT
George Russell, NC, CAPT, CS, PS
Isaac Newton, NC, PS
Daniel Alderman, Sr., NC, PS
Henry Parish, NC, PVT

Constitution Week

Jacksonville Library Constitution Week Display

Septemer 13, 2019 – Jacksonville Library Constitution Week Display

Proclamation Signing Day (Cabot)

Cabot Mayor Ken Kincade displays signed proclamation with chapter members

September 12, 2019 – Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR celebrates Constitution Week with a proclamation signed by Cabot Mayor Ken Kincade. The Proclamation was displayed at Cabot Public Library. Pictured left to right: Jessie Johnson, Nora Hildreth, Mayor Ken Kincade, Chapter Regent Lynn Hicks, and Sharon Bode. (Photo Credit to Frank Bode.)

Proclamation Signing (Jacksonville)

Jacksonville Mayor Bob Johnson signs proclamation

September 7, 2019 – Celebrating Constitution Week by a signing of a proclamation with Jacksonville Mayor Bob Johnson and Major Jacob Gray, NSDAR members. From Left to Right: Catherine Fortney, Sharon Bode, Jessie Johnson, Mayor Bob Johnson, Nora Hildreth, Monet Harrington, State Regent Junelle Mongno, and Chapter Regent Lyn Hicks. (Photo credit to Frank Bode.)

Honoring Magness Creek Teacher

Newspaper photo

Chapter members presenting the National Junior Membership Committee Classroom Grant featured in “The Leader” newspaper in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Helen Pouch Memorial Fund

Chapter members Junelle Mongno, Jane Spears, and Mary Lee Schultz

August 5, 2019 – Arkansas State Society DAR (ASDAR) received three classroom grants from the National Junior Membership Committee-Helen Pouch Memorial Fund. Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR was one of Arkansas’s chapters notified that their nominee had received a grant. Joni Coats, a fourth-grade teacher, plans to use the grant to purchase more “Replica Artifacts” from the colonial era to use in her classes. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

Governor's mansion

Governor’s Tea

July 30, 2019 – Chapter members Jayne Spears, Sharon Whitledge, Catherine Fortney, and Sharon Bode attended a ceremony and reception at the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion that was held in recognition of Arkansas’ Women’s Suffrage 1919-2019. A yellow rose was planted in the garden to memorialize the event.

June 14th is Flag Day

Jacksonville Mayor Bob Johnson with chapter members at signing

Jacksonville Mayor Bob Johnson (pictured) and Cabot Mayor Ken Kincade signed the Flag Day Proclamation on June 14. The proclamation will be on display in the Cabot and Jacksonville, Arkansas, libraries respectively. (Photo Credit to Jayne Spears.)

New Officers 2019-2021

New chapter officers 2019-2021

New chapter officers for the 2019-2021 term, are pictured here along with the Arkansas state regent and two past state regents, all are members of the Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR. Our new chapter officers are Regent Lyn Pledger Hicks, Vice-Regent Peggy Garner Whitledge, Chaplain Tammy Roberts, Recording Secretary Courtney Scearce, Treasurer Monett Harrington, Registrar Jayne Munnerlyn Spears, and Historian Sharon Hill Bode. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

Beebe Middle School Awards Ceremony

On May 13, Jayne Spears presented the certificates to the participants of the Loyalist versus Patriots debate at the Beebe Middle School awards ceremony. She also presented a certificate to their teacher, Gail Vaden, for her support of American History.

Honoring Women Veterans May 12 at Dickey-Stephens Park, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Junelle Mongno and Tammy Roberts

Traveler’s baseball game May 12, 2019, honoring women veterans. Arkansas DAR State Regent Junelle Mongno, threw out the first pitch of the game at Dickey-Stephens Park. Junelle and Tammy Roberts of the Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR attended the game.

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans 2019

Mary Ford and Jayne Spears sitting at NSDAR table

On April 28, 2019, the Jacksonville Museum of Military History held an event recognizing Vietnam veterans. Several agencies and groups had tables with information. Mary Ford and Jayne Spears manned the NSDAR booth. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

Busy April Meeting

Chapter officers

As thunderstorms raged outside on April 13, 2019, we welcomed three new members, elected new officers for 2019-2021 and presented two awards to high school students. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

April Outing

On April 6, 2019, a group of members banded together to visit the Museum of Veterans and Military History Museum in Vilonia, Arkansas. The outing was followed by lunch at El Rancho Mexican restaurant in Vilonia. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

Debate between Loyalists and Patriots

Jayne Spears, Sharon Bode, Lyn Hicks, and Mary Ford

Gail Vaden, the 2017 Junior Membership Helen Pouch Memorial Fund grant winner, invited the Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR to moderate a debate between the “Loyalists” and the “Patriots.” The students prepared using books that she purchased with the grant. The fifth graders did a phenomenal job! The panelists were Mary Ford, Lyn Hicks, Sharon Bode, and Jayne Spears. (Photo credit Jayne Spears.)

A Night at the Victory Canteen

Members attended a dinner and auction to benefit the Jacksonville Museum of Miltary History. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

Winner of the Junior Membership Helen Pouch Memorial Fund Classroom Grant

The winner of the Junior Membership Helen Pouch Memorial Fund Classroom Grant for 2018 was Lindsay Sanders. She used the money to purchase historical cutouts for her classroom. She added Susan B Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Ronald Reagan, Chief Sitting Bull, John Adams, Marquis de LaFayette, Lady Liberty, Franklin Roosevelt, and a giant replica of the Bill of Rights. She said a huge thank you to our chapter for adding tons of fun and excitement to her classroom. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

Outing to Cabot’s School Museum of American History

Eight members of Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR ventured out into a cold Arkansas morning to visit the Cabot School Museum of American History. After several hours of soaking in the museum, they enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Morina’s Italian Restaurant in Cabot. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

George Washington Luncheon in Hot Springs

Five members attended the annual luncheon honoring the birthday of George Washington in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Many other NSDAR members from across the state were in attendance. (Photo credit to Jayne Spears.)

Abigail Adams and Mrs. Gerry Attended Local Tea

We were joined at our January 2019 meeting by Mrs. Gerry and Abigail Adams who caught us up on the Continental Congress gossip. Mary Ford received her ten-year certificate. Arkansas State Regent Junelle joined us as well.

Memorial Service for Nancy Boyd

Memorial Service today for former Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR member Nancy Boyd. She passed away January 2 in her home. Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR members, Arkansas State Regent Junelle Mongno, Honorary State Regent Joan Zumwalt, Chapter Regent Sharon Hill Bode, Honorary Chapter Regent Mary K. Ford, and Catherine Fortney attended the service.

January 3, 2019

Congratulations are in order to several Arkansas Daughters completing the NSDAR Members Course. Major Jacob Gray Chapter, NSDAR members Jayne Spears, Sharon Whitledge, Monett Harrington, Lyn Hicks, and Jessie Johnson all completed the course. So proud of these ladies.

This course is designed to provide them with more confidence and knowledge of NSDAR than when they started. There is so much more to the NSDAR than just attending meetings!

Their paperwork has been sent to national to verify that they have completed this course. Their graduation ceremony will be during the Friday luncheon at the Arkansas State Conference in March 2019. This is only the second graduating class for ASDAR.

Jayne Spears also completed the New Horizon Course.

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