To become a member of DAR, proof is required of lineal, bloodline descent from an American Revolutionary War Patriot. Patriot is a term used to describe colonists who rebelled against British control and declared their independence for the United States of America in July 1776.

Use the state tabs below to view our chapter’s member’s patriots.

James Finn, Soldier
Seth Sanford, Ensign, Civil Service
John Dimon Tyler, Soldier
Israel Jonathan Wood, Private

John White, Soldier

Samuel Bonifante, Private, Patriotic Service
Gustavus Boswell, Patriotic Service, Private
Simon Boruff, Soldier
Benjamin Johnson, Jr., Soldier
Benjamin Johnson, Sr., Patriotic Service
Charles Lovelace, Private
Ignatius Luckett, Patriotic Service
Humphrey Tomlinson, Private, Patriotic Service

Elisha Whitney, Private

Joseph Hilton, Lieutenant

William Rutan, Private
John Sackett, Soldier

Daniel Alderman, Jr., Corporal
Daniel Alderman, Sr., Patriotic Service
Benjamin Barns, Soldier
Aaron Burleson, Oath
Benjamin H. Covington, Patriotic Service, Private
Anthony A. Cozart, Patriotic Service
George Crowell, Private
Thomas Welman Culberhouse, Soldier, Patriotic Service
Abraham Denton, Patriotic Service
Robert Davis, Civil Service
John Edwards, Jr., Soldier
Richard Fletcher, Patriotic Service
George Gillespie, Patriotic Service
Jonathan Harris, Private
Thomas Harrison, Major
Jacob Kornegay, Captain
William Meredith, Captain
William Milliken, Civil Service
Isaac Newton, Patriotic Service
Benjamin O'Neal, Civil Service
Thomas Owen, Major
Henry Parish, Private
Thomas Polk, Patriotic Service, Brigadier General
Thomas Pledger, Soldier
Giles Randolph, Patriotic Service
James Roddye, Captain
James Ross, Private
George Russell, Civil Service,  Patriotic Service, Captain
James Veazey, Patriotic Service
John Young, Corporal

Henry Hinesman, Private

John Adair, Private
James Abercrombie, Civil Service
Dudley Bond, Soldier
Joseph Burton, Patriotic Service
John Chisholm, Private
Hezekiah Davis, Private
James Darwin, Soldier
Jacob Dennard, Lieutenant
William Gay, Sr., Private
John Loftin, Patriotic Service
Nathaniel McCarroll, Private
William McGarity, Patriotic Service, Soldier
William Pratt, Soldier

Zadock Bell, Patriotic Service
Josiah Boone, Patriotic Service
Butler Bulkley, Private
Joseph Cummings, Private
Bartholomew Dandridge, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Owen Davis, Patriotic Service
John Edwards, Patriotic Service
William Gainer, Private
John Gay, Ensign
Isham Gilliam, Patriotic Service
James Gilliam, Ensign
Thomas Griffin, Private
Charles Harmon, Private
David Harris, Patriotic Service
Thomas Harrison, Major
Jesse Hodges, Patriotic Service, Soldier
Gideon Hogg, Patriotic Service
William Ingalls, Colonel
John Key, Patriotic Service
James Malcolm, Soldier
George Malone, Patriotic Service
Robert McMahon, Soldier
John Munsey, Soldier
Samuel Pottinger, Captain
John Reed, Ensign, Adjutant, Quartermaster
George Rucker, Soldier
Robert Ruffin, Patriotic Service
Byrd Smith, Lieutenant
Charles Webb, Patriotic Service

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